Monday, April 22, 2013

Educational Collaboration Through Pinterest

Pinterest screenshot by Erin Mulder

You've probably heard of Pinterest, the online, quick-sharing, social networking pin board where you can share pretty much anything and everything. It's used for sharing photos, websites, crafts, recipes, videos, etc., by 'pinning' the item you want to share to a 'board'. You can even follow specific people and subscribe to their pins if you especially like the type of stuff they repin. Your followers can view your pins and boards and can repin the items they like. A lot of people have boards dedicated to crafts, food, wedding ideas, animals, quotes, etc., but the board that I pin on the most is my "Teacher Things" board. There is so much educational material on Pinterest; it's incredible. All you have to do is search for something education-related and thousands of pins appear showing everything from lesson plans to classroom management techniques to new educational theories and technologies.

Although Pinterest is typically thought of as a fun, time-wasting activity (it's a great procrastination tool!), I see great value in Pinterest as a collaboration tool for teachers. It's extremely easy to share your ideas with other teachers and get ideas from other teachers, too. There are lots of free activities and project ideas that you can do in your classroom or tweak to make them your own. Pinterest is the ultimate collaboration tool. It makes it possible to see thousands of examples of what other teachers are doing in their classrooms, and allows you to take those ideas and add your own creativity to Pinterest for the world to see. Nothing like this has ever been possible before; you can't achieve this sort of share-power through snail mail, email...not even necessarily by sitting down with someone and bouncing ideas off of eachother. Pinterest allows you to become connected with thousands, maybe even millions, of educators and gives you free access to all of the resources and creativity that each of these educators bring.

Best of all? Pinterest is fun!

Here's a great article about some of the pros that Pinterest presents for educators.


check out this site to see the top 20 best Pinterest Boards about Educational Technology.

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