Monday, April 7, 2014

ITEC Technology Fair

On Friday, April 4, I had the opportunity to attend the ITEC Student Technology Fair on the UNI campus. The ITEC Technology Fair was for students in grades 3-12 who had developed projects involving technology. It was amazing to see some of the projects that students had worked on! These students were so incredibly creative and passionate about their projects. 

 I spoke with two young girls who had created and designed a website for their school’s TAG program to try to make it more accessible and engaging for students and parents. One group of boys had created a LEGO robot and had a demonstration of how they used software to program the robot to move. Two girls were in the process of using a complicated program to make a game from scratch where the user could take care of a dog. One student had designed a house using CAD software, and another had written his own Java code to create a working calculator. There simply wasn't enough time to view every project with detail, but the students that I spoke with were extremely excited about their projects and were so happy to share what they had created with their audience. It was a great experience and I wish that I had gotten to spend more time with them!

There's me! ^^ :)

Photo credit to UNI Instructional Technology,

One thing that I realized as I was speaking to one of the younger presenters was that these could be my students someday (and someday will probably be very soon!). My 2nd graders or 5th graders or whatever grade I end up teaching will be involved with technology and will likely be even more comfortable with technology than I am! It is important for me, as their teacher, to foster that technological development and to encourage them to use their imagination to create amazing new programs and projects using technology. My students could invent something that could change the world, and it’s my duty to help them achieve that!

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