Monday, September 1, 2014

Erin's Media-ography Timeline

I love playing with new technologies, and for a class assignment, that's just what I got to do! In Digital and Social Media, we were challenged to create a media-ography about ourselves; a digital story, image, video, etc, that introduced us professionally. In my summer class, Designing and Developing Online Learning, I found a program called TimeToast, an interactive timeline program. It seemed like a cool tool that you could especially use in a social studies classroom, but I didn't have a reason to create a timeline...until now!

I decided to use TimeToast to create my media-ography because I tend to think of my life chronologically; certain events led up to who I am now and everything in my life has culminated to produce the version of Erin that you know today. My passion for teaching and my love for kids, music, photography, etc, has all developed slowly (or quickly, in certain cases!) over time. I pinpointed events that triggered these aspects of my life now, and I hope that my timeline shows some insight into who I am today.

 Check out my timeline here! :) or navigate to

It's easiest to navigate the timeline if you make it full screen, then scale down the timeline so you're looking at a smaller portion, instead of the whole thing at once. If the timeline part is hard to figure out, you can change the view from 'timeline' to 'list', and see all my events in order (but the pictures won't be as large). Enjoy! :)

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  1. Great posting, Erin. This is the way to populate your blog. When you spend some time on something you find interesting, share it with the world.