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The Art of Blogging

The Art of Blogging by mkhmarketing,
This week, I've been exploring the art of blogging. You may think "Psh, Erin, don't you know that blogging isn't an art? Anyone can do it!" Well, that may be. Anyone can start an account and become a blogger with the click of a button. Everything that a person writes is personal and valuable and an expression of themselves for the world to see. That's art, right?

Now, while I'll admit that I enjoy blogging quite a bit, I don't consider myself a master by any means. I'm like one of those 'amateur' artists who would love to make it big but really just makes art because they love it. But then you have those artists who were making art they loved and other people liked it, too. Those are the people we've heard of and look up to and consider the best of the best. Blogging is no different!

I've been following some of those master bloggers this week; CoolCatTeacher and Kleinspiration ended up being my favorites. Both of these amazing blogs are committed to sharing resources with other teachers in an effort to make them better teachers. They have amazing resources about so many topics, and I was very impressed with both of them!

I checked out CoolCatTeacher because of a recommendation from my professor, Dr. Z (check out his blog, too!), but ended up finding so much more than I expected to. Not only does Vicki Davis, the author, write her own books on education, she also creates extremely well-written blog posts, and they are so helpful and informative!  There are hundreds (thousands?) of posts on general teaching ideas, professional development for teachers, technology tips and resources, ideas to use social media, and countless other topics. I'm so excited to keep reading!

I actually found Kleinspiration through her Twitter and then followed her blog (after following her on Twitter, of course!). She originally caught my interest because we have the same first name, but I quickly realized that Erin Klein is one of those master bloggers. Aside from having a very aesthetic blog, the content she blogs about is so helpful and relevant. Kleinspiration definitely has an ed tech emphasis, so there is a multitude of resources that someone could use to incorporate technology into their classroom. She has special resources about Project Based Learning (PBL), which I especially enjoy, since I'm learning so much about PBL and am getting really excited about trying it in my own classroom someday. 

In previous classes that had us blog, I got into the writing aspects more than the reading aspects. I enjoyed writing on my own blog and sharing my thoughts, but I'm starting to see that checking out others' blogs can be a huge asset to me as a teacher. These blogs have an insane amount of resources that are available for teachers to use and revamp in their own classrooms. I'm so glad that they both have such a strong technology emphasis; I feel like I can get even more out of them!

These bloggers are the masters because they're doing quite a few things right:
  • They're blogging relevant, intelligent, and interesting topics that people can use and enjoy.
  • Their blogs are easy to navigate and view, which makes the overall experience of reading their blog enjoyable. 
  • They link to a gazillion other resources, websites, blogs, etc. They don't have dead-end blogs; they're a window to thousands of other ideas and people.
  • They're visible. They network. People talk about them, they get their name out there, and they make it simple to share their stuff. 
  • They share their personal teaching experiences like a real person. When I read their blogs, I feel like I'm having a face-to-face conversation over coffee with the teacher across the hall who's having a lot of really cool things happen in her classroom. I'm not talking to a professor who had experience back in the day but now only speaks in educational techno-jargon.
Overall, I am incredibly impressed with what I've found this week while following these two blogging masters. I look forward to reading their blogs more and discovering more blogs! (And maybe become a master blogger myself, someday!)

By the way, thank YOU for reading my blog! :) You are making my blogging worth it! If you like my blog, I'd love if you would comment or share it! (I learned a good lesson on commenting this week too...if you comment, authors comment back!!! I even wrote a blog post about it!) You can also check out my class's KidBlog site; we're trying a new platform for blogging this semester, so I'm blogging in two places for awhile. ;) My classmates are blogging some great stuff also! Check them out, and don't forget:

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